The convention's Logotype.

Convention posters
Convention posters
The idea behing the design was to use typography (logotypes and a custom made typeface) and image-making to create visuals which represent innovation and modernism.
The posters were made from images of buildings in tel-aviv which were recently demolished, about to get torn down or have a unique story.
The images were edited to receive a more futuristic look.
Done at Branding course, Bezalel.

Tote bag with the brand logo, Wristbands and a programme.

The convention's Instagram page. It contains 5 motion teasers and 4 static posts.

Motion teasers for the convention as part as the convention's Instagram page.

The convention's Programme, which is manipulated to put together a different picture every time the page is turned.

Convention Speaker's Nametag.

Nametags for the convention's speakers.

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